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Delivery process

Online delivery

In order to ensure the safe and fast delivery of the goods you purchase, ALICE Alice Jewelry will always use SF Express, and the price will be insured throughout the entire process to ensure that the goods you purchase are foolproof. If SF Express cannot deliver to your place, we will provide you with the same fast and safe courier company for delivery. We save you the worries of online shopping.

Pick up at the store

If you choose to pick up the goods when shopping, you only need to pay the full amount online, and after receiving the arrival notification from the customer service, you can go to the nearest ALICE Alice jewelry store to pick up the goods with the valid identity certificate of the orderer . So that you can enjoy the pleasant online shopping experience while also feeling the quality service of the store.

Order processing time

Valid orders to ALICE Alice Jewelry before 12:00 a.m. are regarded as orders of the day, and the order processing time includes the order time of the day. Note: A valid order refers to an order that has been successfully paid (including a deposit). If the order you place is paid for by another customer before the payment is successfully made, the order will automatically become invalid.

Order category
Delivery time for you after the order is successful
Finished goods spot orders
1-2 working days (postponed in case of legal holidays)
Loose Diamond Spot Custom Order
7 working days (postponed on legal holidays)
Global loose diamond custom orders
20-30 working days (please consult customer service staff before taking pictures)
Remarks: The delivery time will be postponed on legal holidays. If you have any questions, please contact ALICE Alice Jewelry Customer Service:400-090-0912

Goods packaging

ALICE Alice jewelry uses a unified logistics package to ensure the integrity and non-damage of the goods in the delivery. In order to meet the needs of customers for weddings, gifts, and maintenance of diamond jewelry, ALICE equips each piece of jewelry sold with exquisite packaging. These include invoices, sales orders, jewelry boxes, certificate holders and after-sale cards.

Delivery process description

1. Effective confirmation

The order takes effect when the payment is made to the ALICE Alice Jewelry account. After confirming your payment, we will process the order immediately, and this day will be the starting date of your order.

2. Order processing

After your valid order is confirmed, if it is a customized order, we will arrange the production department to produce immediately; if it is a spot order, we will arrange to send the goods as soon as possible. In case of special circumstances, we will contact you within two working days. Reconfirm the arrival time and processing flow with you.

3. Commodity shipment

According to the delivery address you fill in, we will deliver the goods to you safely and quickly through SF Express, and inform you that it has been shipped so that you can check and receive the goods in time. Note: From the date you receive the delivery notice, if you do not receive the goods within five days, please call us at 400-090-0912 in time.

4. Delivery of goods

In view of the high value of the goods, please remember not to let strangers sign for the package. The goods are delivered to you. Please check and sign for the goods, and please keep the receipt. Note: After you sign for, if you find any quality problems, please complain to us in time through the contact information we provide, and we will communicate with you as soon as possible.

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