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After-sales service

1. Lifetime free cleaning and safety testing services

This service is applicable to diamond and plain gold products.

2.modify hand size service

1. The first modification of the size is free of labor fees.

2. Hand-size zoom range: within ±2.

3. The size of some rings cannot be modified due to style reasons (such as group setting, row diamonds, etc.). Please consult customer service for details.

3. Refurbishment and maintenance services

1. Free refurbishment and maintenance service once a year (calculated in a natural year), including maintenance links such as polishing, slight deformed plastic surgery, solid stone, and electro-gold.

2. Project description:

① Polishing: processing and modifying products that have obvious scratches, become old and lose their luster to restore their brightness.

② Reshaping: Reshape the deformed product (depending on the actual situation, the deformed product may not be able to completely restore its original appearance).

③ Solid stone: professionally reinforce the loose gems of inlaid products to prevent the gems from falling off.

④ Electroplating: Electroplating the surface of metal jewelry to make the surface of metal jewelry more beautiful and shiny.

3. Maintenance service and charging standards.

4. service instructions

1. The repair and maintenance service time is 10 working days (in case of national holidays, it will be postponed accordingly). The repair time of some products with complex processes will be extended. Please consult customer service for specific conditions.

2. The "Maintenance Order" does not have the identification function.

3. If the product is damaged due to refurbishment, if it is not specified, it will be regarded as an approved loss.

If the customer finds a lost repair order, for the safety of the goods, it is necessary to notify the receiving experience store or customer service as soon as possible. ALICE shall not be liable for compensation if the product is damaged or lost due to man-made causes that cannot be repaired.

5. Return and exchange service

1. 30-day return and exchange service without reason (except for pure gold and customized products)

2. Within 30 days from the date of purchase, non-customized products with complete accessories that do not affect secondary sales can enjoy the service.

3. Customized products: All products except stock are customized products, and customized products are not eligible for this service.

4. Product scratches and deformation caused by personal reasons are not quality problems.

5. The natural inclusions, feather patterns, and external polished patterns inside the diamond are physical characteristics of natural diamonds and are not quality issues.

6.after-sales service process

1. Submit an application:

① Visit any ALICE offline store or call the customer service hotline 400-090-0912 to apply. The customer service will confirm whether it meets the after-sales service conditions based on the actual situation.

2. Confirm after-sales service items

3. ALICE stores:

① The ALICE sales consultant will check whether the product and the relevant after-sales service materials are complete, and confirm the after-sales service requirements of the customer.

4. ALICE customer service center (in areas where there is no ALICE experience store)

① The product, relevant information required for after-sales service, and a complete "After-sales Service Card" must be filled in and packaged and sealed in accordance with customer service requirements.

② When sending goods by post, SF Express is the first choice to insure the goods in full and ask for a delivery receipt. For safety reasons, please do not write "diamond", "jewelry", "jewelry", etc. on the outer packaging of the returned goods.

③ Mailing address: ALICE Jewelry, Left Bank Garden, Lan County, Shatoujiao, Yantian District, Shenzhen, Address: ALICE Jewelry Customer Service Center, Tel: 400-090-0912.

④ Express delivery costs due to quality issues are borne by the company, and delivery costs that are not caused by quality issues are borne by the customer.

5. Process the product according to customer requirements

① Return: If the product meets the conditions for return after inspection, we will refund the refundable amount within 7 working days.

②Replacement: If the product meets the requirements for replacement after inspection, the customer will be replaced with other designated products.

③ Repair and maintenance and fashion changes: The products are dealt with according to customer requirements.

7. Information required for after-sales service

1. Maintenance and fashion change service: warranty.

2. Return and exchange service: overall package, warranty, invoice (invoices are issued at the time of sale), inspection certificate (for those with a bare stone certificate, a bare stone certificate must be provided at the same time).

Note: If the inspection certificate is lost, you can enjoy the return and exchange service after paying the corresponding certificate fee according to the "After-sales Service Charge Standard"; if the loose stone certificate is lost or defaced, you cannot enjoy the return and exchange service. The gift must be returned together with the return service.

8. Supplementary Provisions

This specification will be implemented after it is approved and released, and it will be the same when revised. If there are uncovered matters, they will be supplemented or amended in the form of orders.

9.matters needing attention

1. Ultrasonic cleaning may cause turquoise. Consumers should be informed in advance that turquoise may occur during maintenance.

2. The maintenance loss should not exceed 10%, and customers should be notified in advance if it is expected to exceed.

3. We will recycle the surplus gold material at the store's recycling price on the day or take it away by the customer.

4. If you need to add gold during the maintenance process (referring to the change of the ring, etc.), the price of the gold on the day will be charged.

10. Remarks

1. The error of ±0.02g of electronic scale is allowed by the National Gold Jewelry Industry Association, which is a normal phenomenon.
2. The weight of sweat stains and dirt in the jewelry will be removed during the gold inspection process, and the weight may vary.

3. The final interpretation right of the above content belongs to ALICE.

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