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Designer Lilas Dousset
[Alice® Flower] Appreciation Series Brooch/Pendant
Designer Alga Katralua
[One "deer" flower blooming] necklace
Designer NanaWang
18K Gold Opal Earrings
Designer Shraddha Mehta

Global National Flower

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ALICE invites world-renowned designers to design romantic, elegant, commemorative and treasured artistic jewelry with the theme of the global national flower.
Symbolizes preciousness and uniqueness. It is deeply trusted and favored by celebrities and cel
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【Alice Flower】Ring
Alice® Flower Series Diamond ring pair
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【Calla Lily®】Ring
Calla lily® series Calla Lily® Black Gold Series
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【Windsor Rose®】series ring
Windsor Rose® Series Wedding suit Diamond ring pair
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Wedding Series

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As a wedding expert, ALICE integrates the spirit of the global national flower into jewelry creation, creating unique classic wedding products, and presenting blessings and true love testimony to every new couple who is about to enter the marriage palace.
Customize your diamond ring
The real diamond ring should be the mark of the emotional story of two people
ALICE customized service for you to integrate your own story into the design
Create a personalized exclusive diamond ring to engrave precious moments
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Designer team
International designer jewelry feast
Alice Alice jewelry international design team has more than 100 people, including famous designers and star designers from five continents, integrating global multi culture.With the careful carving of mood, tranquility and purity of mind, the design element integrates the feelings of love and beauty to create charming and colorful dreamlike art jewelry,Full of blessings for the realization of good wishes.
Stina Yip
Alice·China Jewelry Designer
Art and business are never in conflict
The so-called beauty is to be recognized in any field.

Masterpiece: [After Peony Flower]
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Lilas Dousset
Alice French jewelry designer
Sunshine, church, bride, Alice holding flowers,
Become my sweet interpretation of happiness

Masterpiece: [Alice® Flower]
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Meg Lammers
Alice·American jewelry designer
Every bride is the most beautiful angel.
Every piece of wedding jewelry is a unique angel halo.

Masterpiece: [Windsor Rose®]
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Shraddha Mehta
Alice Antwerp Designer
The beauty of jewelry comes from itself,
But its light is indeed given by people
Beautiful, elegant, and clean,
It is the bloom of every girl's dream.

Masterpiece: [Calla Lily®]
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Alice·China Jewelry Designer
Simplicity is the most extreme high class,
There is a not-so-simple situation in simplicity.

Masterpiece: [Calla Lily®]
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Aether FengHuang
Alice Belgian jewelry designer
Fashion is a cycle,
And the classic design is the law of beauty beyond reincarnation

Masterpiece: 【Banjiao】
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Alexis Hall
Alice New Zealand Jewelry Designer
The original tension and the beauty of life,
Is the best inspiration material for designers

Masterpiece: [Silver Fern®]
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Francis Alves
Alice·American jewelry designer
The world is a picture scroll, the inspiration is a paintbrush,
Design my world by designing jewelry.

Masterpiece: [Sunflower]
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New York·Emerging Jewelry Designer / GG Research Gemologist
Every piece of jewelry is a song,
Every form of art is consistent.

Masterpiece: [A Midsummer Night’s Dream]
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Famous Italian "Queen of Flowers" jewelry designer
Men like to use flowers to express love,
Because women are naturally in love with flowers.
Every flower has a magical wish,
Let beauty extend and last forever.

Masterpiece [Desert Gold]
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Rowoon Choi
Alice, Korean jewelry designer
Use aesthetic elements to integrate artistic expression,
Give jewelry richer fashion connotation and vitality.

Masterpiece: [KOKO]
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Ben Yep
Alice International Designer · Former Tiffany Jewelry Designer
Orator of love,
Crowned love,
The best compliment for a woman!

Masterpiece: [Crown for Love]
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