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payment method

ALICE Alice Jewelry provides you with Alipay and WeChat payment.

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支付宝支付1. You must register as an Alipay user and keep enough cash in your Alipay account (you can recharge through online banking);
2. Alipay supports online banking of 14 mainstream banks across the country, and you can freely choose any bank's online banking for payment;
3. Using Alipay to pay, for consumers, there is currently no handling fee. (For non-Taobao transactions, a small handling fee will be charged after more than 5,000 yuan per month).

You need to associate a bank card with WeChat and complete identity authentication to realize WeChat payment.


Offline payments

1. Applicable to the whole country.
2. Receipt time of bank transfer: generally 2-5 days from the day you go through the procedures.
3. After the payment is received into the ALICE Alice jewelry account, we will immediately arrange for you to place an order and ship it.
4. You can remit or transfer money to the following accounts at any bank. When remittance, please be sure to indicate the order number in the purpose column of the wire transfer.

Alice Jewelry Co., Ltd.
Bank accounts
Account opening bank
Industrial Bank Shenzhen Yantian Sub-branch

Warm reminder: online banking payment service will soon be available, so stay tuned.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service: 400-090-0912

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