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30 days return

Our 30-day return and exchange commitment gives you plenty of time to consider, ensure that you make the right choice, and let you enjoy risk-free shopping.

Return and exchange conditions:

Products sold on the ALICE Alice Jewelry official website enjoy a 30-day return and exchange guarantee. If you find a quality problem after purchasing a product on the ALICE Alice Jewelry official website, please call the national service hotline within 30 days (the time is subject to the order date of the purchase) 400-090-0912 Contact ALICE Alice Jewelry Service Department to make an appointment for return and exchange. After confirming that the conditions for return and exchange are met, we will deal with it according to your needs.

1. We do not accept returns or exchanges for any goods that have been worn (worn and worn shall be regarded as worn goods), have been altered or adjusted without authorization, or that have been artificially damaged after purchase.

2. Except for quality issues, pure gold and customized products (customized with drawings and personalized customization) are not allowed to be returned. We will charge a certain amount of waste and labor for products with personalized lettering.

3. The original packaging box, quality appraisal certificate, warranty card, gifts and invoice must be complete, otherwise we will not accept returns or exchanges.

Return and exchange process:

In order to process the return smoothly, please follow the process below:

1. Choose SF Express and insure the goods in full, and ask for a receipt that the goods have arrived at ALICE Alice Jewelry.

2. When sending goods, do not mark "Diamond Ring", "Jewelry", "Jewelry" and other words anywhere on the outer packaging or on the waybill.

3. Please be sure to contact the official customer service before mailing. According to your after-sales service type, arrange your mailing address as soon as possible.

4. After receiving your goods, within 7 working days after completing the inspection and confirming that there is no error, we will refund the refundable money, or replace you with a new product.


1. ALICE Alice Jewelry is not responsible for any loss or damage incurred during the return process.

2. All the promised working days of ALICE Alice Jewelry will be postponed accordingly in case of national legal holidays. Please understand.

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